Verum Software Technologies



Verum Software Technologies supplies Software Design Automation that enables software designers to develop complex systems in less time and with zero defects. Experience shows that customers using the ASD:Suite can reduce their software development costs while speeding up development time, recouping their investment in less than three months. ASD:Suite also reduces software rework and maintenance, which in turn leads to much greater customer satisfaction and lower lifecycle management costs. The difference between the ASD:Suite and comparable products is that Verum’s ASD:Suite is built on a patented formal verification approach that guarantees the completeness and correctness of a software design.


Founded in 2004

Guy Broadfoot and Robert Howe founded Verum in 2004 with the belief that there was a better way to develop complex embedded software

Unique technologie


Making software design verification a reality

The Verum ASD:Suite is a unique, general purpose, software design automation platform. Incorporating fully automated mathematical verification technology, it enables software engineers to build better, more complex software while delivering a net 30%-50% improvement in productivity and a corresponding decrease in time to market.


The Power to Create Zero-Defect Software Systems

Global operations

Based close to Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Verum maintains close ties with researchers at Oxford University in the UK, the University of Tennessee in the USA and the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e).