Methods2Business and IMEC-NL formalize their collaboration to realize ULP 802.11ah IP solution

Posted by marleen on September 21, 2015

Methods2Business and IMEC-NL sign an agreement to formalize their collaboration to realize joint Ultra-Low_Power 802.11ah Wi-Fi IP solution for a battery operated sensor node / client in the Internet of Things. The solution integrates Imecs Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi (ULPWIFI) radio chip in TSMC 40nm and Imecs 802.11ah baseband design with Methods2Business 802.11ah MAC IP.


The MAC is a combined hardware and software solution where time-critical functions are implemented in hardware in the Lower MAC (LMAC) and upper protocols are implemented in software in the Upper MAC (UMAC). The solution comes with an integrated microprocessor platform based on the ARM Cortex M0+ core with memories and peripherals (SPI, UART, GPIO, IC).