Methods2Business wins multiple awards in ASD:Suite contest from Verum

Posted by marleen on October 4, 2011

2011-11-24_005618.pngPicture Dirk Kreijkamp
Bits & Chips nr.13, page 27

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Press Release, September 29, 2011

Waalre, The Netherlands
Verum announces the winners of the competition



Article in Bits & Chips, nr 13, November 4, 2011

ASD-wedstrijd toont toepassingen in onverwachte hoek
Mieke Roos 



Top Winners for Coolness:

Hans Kuppens    Winner   spASDinvaders
Probably the best known and most played game of all times completely rebuild with the ASD:Suite
Filip Stachowiak  Runner-up Traffic crossing
Ivana Todosijevic 1 Self service shopping
Nenad Terzic 2 CNC control
Jelena Baluban 3 Vacuum cleaner


Top Winners for Efficiency:

Martin Keesen Winner On Board Unit
A sophisticated on board unit for vehicle tracking and emergency communication
and assistance, build with the ASD:Suite
Terry Dennemans Runner-up I2C implementation for home automation
Willie Aarnink 1 Tweet/Re-tweet app
Danilo Bojovic 2 Light and Shades control
Milica Topic 3 Elevator