Methods2Business was sitting in panel at DSP Valley event on Tools for Embedded System Design

Posted by marleen on December 15, 2011

Thursday December 13, 2011


DSP Valley organized a half day workshop on tools for hard- and software design for embedded systems. At the end of the workshop, Marleen Boonen from Methods2Business was one of the speakers in the panel discussion.

Panel moderator: Geert Adriaens (DSP Valley); 
Panel members:  Ramses Valvekens (Easics), Marco Jacobs (Vector Fabrics), Hendrik Eeckhaut (Sigasi), Marleen Boonen (Methods2Business)

The panel was challenged to zoom in on the following topics:
While the adoption of embedded system design tools proceeds more slowly than expected, new developments keep moving at an incredibly fast pace: multicore designs, parallel computing, growing complexity in shrinking form factors and power usage, etc.Is it a losing battle for the tool vendors then? How can they increase their adoption rate and at the same time keep up with these developments? Oh, and can the software tools reach the same level of maturity as the hardware tools quickly enough? 

More information on the workshop

DSP Valley is an independent technology cluster focusing on the design of hardware and embedded software technology for (digital) signal processing systems and System-on-Chip (SoC). DSP Valley groups 60+ members: universities, research institutes and companies, from small start-ups, over SMEs to large international groups with a local R&D activity.

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