Methods2Business presents in Cadence theatre at the DAC in San Francisco

Posted by marleen on May 29, 2014


Dejan Dumic and Marleen Boonen will present how Methods2Business could realize a giant leap in design and verification productivity on their Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n IP by employing a unified SystemC-based design flow for high-level synthesis, virtual prototyping and advanced verification covering UVM-ML testbenches and highly automated formal verification.


  • Methods2Business delivers next generation IP products that can enter the market quickly thanks to Cadence latest EDA tools and a proven system-level design methodology.
  • The Methods2Business team showed a giant leap in productivity on a Wi-Fi 802.11n MAC IP - Live demo at DAC
  • The unified SystemC modeling methodology is no longer wishful thinking but a proven fact
  • RTL is obsolete as golden reference in a SystemC-based design flow
  • Opportunities for enhancing the SystemC-based design flow are in formal verification

Come and visit our booth #2419 to try-out our Wi-Fi IP