Methods2Business participates in PR roundtable on modeling at DAC

Posted by marleen on May 29, 2014

Modeling. Is it turning out to be all that everyone expected? Does it styme the growth of virtual prototyping?

DAC Tuesday at 4pm.

Moscone Center/ San Francisco—Press Room

ARM – Nick Gatherer
Carbon – Bill Neifert
Altera – Victoria Mitchell
Methods2Business - Marleen Boonen
Cadence – Frank Schirrmeister

More than 15 years ago the three V’s of virtual prototyping - VaST, Virtio and Virtutech extended software development into the pre-RTL phase by offerig to users what is now known as transaction-level models and and has been standardized eventualy resulting in the SystemC TLM 2.0 APIs. Still, often users hesitate to use virtual platforms due to model availability, model development and verification efforts. Some of them are adopting mixed-level platforms combining TLM models with RTL execution in emulation or FPGA based prototyping, which holds the promise of avoiding modeling efforts and providing RTL accuracy where needed. This round table will discuss questions like the premise of modeling and whether it is indeed holding the industry back to get to higher levels of abstraction. Do we need to find more use models like for example verification and validation to extend the reach beyond software development and make the modeling effort worthwhile? Will we ever get to a stage where TLM models become golden? Location: Moscone Center/ San Francisco—Press Room As you face the front of the Moscone center, it's all the way to the left up the short staircase and on the left. The front desk in the press room will guide you the designated room.