Methods2Business is presenting today in the Cadence Theater at DAC

Posted by marleen on June 9, 2015

Leveraging a SystemC-based design Flow to realize ULP 802.11ah Wi-Fi Hardware and Software

DAC 2015 - Cadence Theater - June 9 11:30 AM

Marleen Boonen, Dejan Dumic

Methods2Business is a totally new IP design center in Europe where young engineering talent develops the next generation Semiconductor IP products for modern System on Chips Designs. The company focuses on MAC layers for Wi-Fi™ 802.11 technology and wants to be among the first in the world who can demonstrate by end 2015 Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi™ 802.11ah IP for large sensor networks in the  IoT.

Realizing the hardware and software for a new Wi-Fi™ technology, like IEEE802.11ah long before the final release of the standard, requires world class EDA tools and innovative system-level design approaches. IPs of this complexity can no longer be developed  by writing paper specs and manually developing RTL code. This would block efficient partitioning and early validation of hardware and software.

The solution is to move-up in abstraction and to remove the barriers between hardware and software by creating an executable specification in SystemC with a clear refinement strategy  towards the final hardware and software.

This presentation will highlight Methods2Business innovative Unified SystemC-based modeling methodology and flow built upon Cadence world class System Level Design tools for High Level Synthesis and Virtual Prototyping.  In detail will be explained how to create the executable spec in SystemC of the complete MAC hardware and software and what the strategy is to refine the spec into the final MAC SW stack running in C as firmware on a specific processor and the single unified SystemC HW model for virtual prototyping, high level synthesis and advanced functional verification using UVM-ML testbenches and formal ABV.

 Proposed Abstract Takeaways:

Thanks to an innovative usage of SystemC in combination with Cadence world class EDA tools for SystemC-based high level synthesis and virtual prototyping, it becomes possible for Methods2Business to build the hardware and software of highly complex next generation Wi-Fi IP products in an extraordinarily short period of time. Thanks to the usage of this approach,  Methods2Business customers can enter the market quickly with differentiating IP products that are of high quality and are standards-based.