Methods2Business is presenting in the OneSpin Theater at DAC (June 9,2:45PM; June 10 11:45AM)

Posted by marleen on June 9, 2015

Enhancing SystemC-based design of complex Wi-Fi IP with formal verification


Marleen Boonen, CEO of Methods2Business

Methods2Business is a totally new IP design center in Europe where young engineering talent develops the next generation Semiconductor IP products for modern System on Chips Designs. The company focuses on MAC layers for Wi-Fi™ 802.11 technology and wants to be among the first in the world who can demonstrate by end 2015 Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi™ 802.11ah IP for large sensor networks in the  IoT.

To build differentiating IP of this complexity, that can enter the market quickly, once the new IEEE standard is released, it’s important to build IP that is easy to customize to deal with specific customer needs or late changes in the standard. For that reason, Methods2Business developed an advanced SystemC-based design methodology and flow on top of  Cadence High Level Synthesis and virtual Platform solutions and enhanced the flow with  the Unified Verification Methodology for Multi Languages (UVM-ML) and Formal Assertion Based Verification to guarantee the quality of the IP.

This presentation will explain how the SystemC-based design flow can be enhanced when formal properties do not longer need RTL to be proven, but could be proven directly on the abstract SystemC models