Marleen Boonen will do the invited talk at the FDL2013 conference in Paris on Sept 24

Posted by marleen on August 15, 2013


Marleen Boonen will do the invited talk at the yearly Forum on specification and Design Languages "FDL2013" organized by ECSI in Paris on September 24. Her speech will be about State-of-the-art Embedded System Design to produce first time right IP (hardware and software) in a flexible, reusable and verifiable way and with less effort and resources than currently needed for IP development by obeying the ESL principles of System Level Design: Abstraction, Decomposition and formalized construction.

Conference program

Invited Speaker: Marleen Boonen, Methods2Business

State-of-the art Embedded System Design

Chair: Gjalt De Jong, ArchWorks

The invited talk will focus on the key technology trends in Electronic (EDA) and Software Design Automation (SDA) that have moved the design of hardware and software to higher levels of abstractions, which could effectively be realized thanks to supported standards such as SystemC/TLM, SystemVerilog, AMS, UVM, and IP-XACT.

The early availability of a high performance virtual prototype is no longer point of discussion to reduce software development costs while speeding up development time and increasing product quality. The availability of industrial tools based upon the SystemC/TLM2 and IP-XACT standards have made it possible to highly automate the creation of high speed platforms suitable for bringing-up real software applications while offering fully synchronized and unified hardware/software debugging.

The ROI for SystemC/TLM2 can be even further increased by making SystemC transaction-level models the design entry point for high level synthesis which should lead to more scalable, more flexible, and more cost effective IP development while optimizing verification efforts by including the models in the virtual platforms.
The talk will furthermore address the theme of the 50th Design Automation conference this year in Austin, which was about the need for Software-Driven EDA in order to deal with the more prominent roles of software in current embedded systems. The audience will be introduced to a unique Model Driven Software Design approach generating defect-free software from mathematically proven models, which in combination with traditional assertion-based verification in SVA or PSL is leading towards formally proven embedded system design.

The speaker will found her statements with success stories from the industry.


Marleen Boonen, CEO, founded Methods2Business end 2010 with the ambition to develop & deploy design methods for making hardware and software IP development scalable, flexible, and first time right in less time.

To achieve her goal, she established strategic partnerships with leading technology providers in Electronic (EDA) and Software Design Automation (SDA).

Today, Methods2Business takes advantage of high end system level design solutions and formal verification methods in customer engagements and is a regular presenter at international conferences.  The company received the Cadence best paper award for System Level Design at CDNLive EMEA 2012.

Marleen brings to her role of CEO a broad expertise in R&D and management having served for 25 years at Philips and NXP. From 2000 onwards, she was heading an innovation team responsible for building the company-wide System Level Design Flow. With her team, she actively contributed to the standardization of SystemC/TLM and IP-XACT and was a MT member of the European project “SPRINT”, the Open SoC Design Platform for Reuse and Integration of IPs.

Marleen earned in 1985 the diploma of Burg. Ir. (equivalent to a master’s degree) in Electronic Engineering from the Catholic University Leuven (KU.Leuven), Belgium.