DAC 2012: Handling a Double Paradigm Shift for Embedded Software Development

Posted by marleen on June 5, 2012

Frank SchirrmeisterFrank Schirrmeister, Senior Director at Cadence Design Systems in San Jose, came to see our presentation at the Design Automation Conference (DAC 2012) in San Francisco earlier this week. In a blog post he reflects on the Time-to-Market gains that can be accomplished by combining virtual prototyping using Cadence Virtual System Platform and formally proven model driven software generation using Verum's ASD:Suite.

He also notes that it can be difficult for design teams to adopt these new technologies:

"...the ability to adopt a new design technology is inversely proportional to the number of changes it requires, and making both the adoption of virtual prototyping and the use of formal techniques work at the same time, will be a challenge. It will require an ecosystem of providers like our partners Methods2Business, who offer implementation and consulting, to help guide project teams through methodology changes as they are adopting new methodologies."

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