Attend our presentation at DAC 2012 in San Francisco

Posted by admin on May 30, 2012


Methods2Business founder and director Marleen Boonen togther with engeneering team members Milica Topić and Vladislav Palfi will host a session at DAC in San Francisco on Monday June 4th at the Cadence EDA360 Theater.

Exploring a double paradigm shift for embedded software development: virtual prototyping plus formally proven model driven software generation

This presentation will focus on both the creation and the usage of a virtual prototype for early software development and on an alternative engineering approach to generate a mathematically proven Linux software driver. The software is developed using Verum's ASD:Suite, a unique Software Design Automation Platform with formal verification. The virtual prototype was assembled using Cadence Virtual System Platform with built-in SystemC/TLM2 model generator "TLMGen" and the Cortex-A9 ARM Fast Models to run and bring up the software driver.

logo_DAC.pngDAC, San Francisco
June 4th, 12:00PM
Cadance EDA360 Theater