Our mission & Vision

Our mission

Methods2BusineMethods2Business aims to be among the leaders in a new class of IP providers utilizing the latest EDA tools and a proven system-level design methodology to build, with minimal effort and resources, the next generation semiconductor IP products which are highly customizable, verifiable and include all the hardware/software models needed for modern system on chip designs.

Methods2Business offers challenging career opportunities and aims to stimulate European innovation.

Our vision

Methods2Business vision to succeed in the Semiconductor IP market and to compete with the big players is to:

Invest in a next generation, talented engineers with forward-thinking design practices
Provide highly customizable IP solutions that can enter the market quickly
Partner with leading edge technology providers to address the next challenges in modern chip design
Collaborate with like-minded but non-competing IP providers to take advantage of a joint “Go to Market” strategy and to advance the global semiconductor IP ecosystem




Eindhoven, Smartest region of the world!

Methods2Business B.V.Eindhoven_evoluon.jpg
Burg. Wittestraat 21,
5616 DA, Eindhoven
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@methods2business.com 

Phone: + 31 (0)40 287 05 66
Mobile: + 31 (0)6 31 939 858

Methods2Business D.O.O. Novi SadNovi_Sad_castle.jpg

Zeleznicka 15/12
21000 Novi Sad, Vojvodina

E-mail: office@methods2business.com
Phone: +381 21 301 15 40




marleen_boonen.jpgMarleen Boonen

Founder and CEO of Methods2Business. Marleen has a track record in system level design methods, a passion for innovation and gets inspired by managing high performance expert teams.

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Engineering Team

Talented and well trained engineering team with forward-thinking design practices.


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About Methods2Business 


Founded end 2010, Metods2Business is a totally new IP design center in Europe developing next generation semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) products using latest EDA tools and a proven system-level design approach. The company focuses on MAC layers for Wi-Fi™ 802.11 technology and aims at being among the first in the world who can demonstrate the first Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi HaLow™ 802.11ah IP solution for large sensor networks in the Internet of Things.


Methods2Business is co-founder of Aegis-IP, a Joint Venture formed with Adapt-IP to integrate our own IP and IP from different suppliers into complete subsystems while providing a single point of purchase, support and maintenance for easy deployment of these subsystems into ASICs and FPGAs.


The company is headquartered in Eindhoven and recognized as highly innovative by Brainport development, an organization providing advice and funding to promising start-ups in the Brainport Top technology region of the Netherlands.


Methods2Business is an internationally oriented and collaborates with various technology providers, like Cadence and non-competing IP partners around the world to build innovative and differentiating IP products for the global semiconductor industry.

Methods2Business B.V. in the Netherlands is a daughter company of CoBo Beheer B.V., a management B.V. owned by Marleen Boonen and Peter Cox. The company has an engineering team in Novi Sad, a university city in the region Vojvodina in Serbia. Methods2Business D.O.O. in Serbia is a full daughter of Methods2Business